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Monday, August 12, 2013

Creative expression

Everybody has a story to share is what our mentor in the Art Of Living writer’s group told us. Its funny how a creative person has a unique kind of talent that sets him or her apart from the rest of us. There is also a risk of the bloom shrivelling unless nurtured carefully. Sometimes one needs to evolve as a person, but the ones who have reached a certain stage of maturity as a creative individual, are able to smile so naturally. I think what a creative person is able to do is express him or herself through her art. Each one of us may not have the gift of the gab however self-expression is a need which is important to fulfill like any one of the human needs like the need to be loved or anyone of the physiological needs for a person to be able to live through his or her life. This also vindicates the fact that people are different and diversity is meant to be celebrated rather than abhorred. Being at peace with oneself comes first and then comes having a sociable demeanour. Unfortunately we often see cliques and cabals which are used a means of self preservation often resulting in spewing hatred and breeding mistrust. Discover yourself and then find that time to be who you are, everything else will in place. I find writing to be my way of expressing myself.

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