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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Tale of 2 cities


I have lived in Mumbai for most of my life and in Delhi NCR for almost 5 years now. I sat down to think what it was that was different between life in the two cities. It was a Sunday afternoon at home and more than anything else this was a small leisure exercise and I have come up with some interesting tidbits which I am sharing below. 
          Delhi-ites please forgive the bias as the writer is a hard core Mumbaikar. So here                     goes...... 
          Wada Paav v/s Rajma Chawal, Wada Paav any day. 
          BEST Buses vs Blue Line, BEST is clearly better 
Shiv Sagar vs Sagar Ratna, Shiv Sagar boss!.... for sure
          Juhu Beach/Aksa Beach vs. No Beach...The Beach, surely.
Dahi Handi and Ganpati Bappa Moriya symbolise festivities in Mumbai and in Delhi you have the sweets doing the rounds during Raakhi.You also have
Raam Lilas at various places during Dussehra...Well each one to his own.
Heavy Rains and the city traffic uniterrupted...rain for two hours and city at a standstill...anybody's guess.
The friendly neighourhood baniya ready to deliver a bottle of coke on a phone call...Sadda arrogant shopkeeper frowning over deliveries less than a quid...what do I say.
Local train services for every destination you might want to visit v/s metro train services, currently only at places away from your home or workplace...In the present context Mumbai local trains are the useful ones..  
Booze for 30% Less in the Capital City with people lining up oh so patiently....Yes Delhi scores here... 
Except for the Peak hour crazy rush at the local trains and the state of cleanliness which is the same for both the cities, for me Mumbai is a hands down winner, I miss Aamchi Mumbai like hell I do...

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