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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Few Of my favourite scenes from the movie 3 idiots

I've summarized my favourite  scenes from the movie 3 IDIOTS. One scene I have missed out is Chatur's Speech probably because I found it a bit too gross.  Some of the scenes really touched a chord with many of us and for me it is definitely one of this decade's best movies.

Favorite Scene 1: You Were Wrong!
This scene marked Virus's change of Heart . The two great actors sharing screen space was a treat to watch throughout the film with Boman playing the perfect foil to  Aamir playing the ebullient Rancho .   

Favourite Scenes 2: Abba Maan Gaye!
One Of the Climax scenes...packed with fulltoo emosun. Many many people would have derived vicarious pleasure from this scene reminiscing that crucial period of their life when their future was being decided. Parixit Sahni has pitched in quite well and he must be getting used to playing the distraught father in Raju Hirani's films. First Lage raho Munna Bhai,  3 Idiots...I for one am looking forward to the next gem of a cameo from him.

Favorite Scene 3: Kitna Jhooth Bologe
After having stirred emotions with the song "Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe" and having interspersed the Lyrics with some Hilarious lines (mouthed by Aamir to Cheer up his friend Sharman Joshi), this short sentence from Sharman after coming to senses is the piece de resistance of this sequence in the film.

Favorite Scene 4: Declaration Of Defeat

The revelation of  Ranchhoddas Chanchad's actual identity interspersed with Kareena repeatedly saying "I will not change my surname to Wangdu"and the change in look on Chatur's(Omi Vaidya) face, make this a rib tickling sequence which appears towards the end of the film .

There are many more gripping sequences in 3 Idiots but I have chosen the few that appealed to me the most.

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