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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jeetu Aur Mithu

Delhi has the best weather at this time of the year. I am sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon and taking a break from what i have been doing since morning, I am penning down some random thoughts with malice towards none, just offering some points to ponder....

I think a role or a job function can be played in different ways by two individuals, be it high flying executives or people around us doing the most menial jobs. 

In my Society there are two watchmen, one of whom is usually in the night shift and goes by the name Jeetendra or Jeetu, whereas the day shift watchman's name is Mithanlal and is called Mithu.

Jeetu serves as my Man Friday occasionally. He has taken up the job of washing my car every morning. On some occasions Jeetu helps me by lugging the 20 litre can of mineral water to my apartment on the 3rd floor, a duty which the grocery store owner has never considered his own.

He also takes up on himself to pass on my laundry clothes to the Dhobi. 

Jeetu also makes that extra effort to ensure that I get to park the car properly. Besides this Jeetu is often seen chatting with the people staying in the colony and answering to shouts from residents for help on some chore or the other.

Mithu on the other hand is this  fellow you would see besides the colony gate, rooted to his seat with a face depicting disdain.
The disdain however, is readily replaced with a greedy grin when he wants something out of you like Baksheesh on festive occasions. If at all he does the work of giving the clothes for ironing there isnt an iota of humility in doing the service.

The contrast doesn't end here between the two people manning the gates of our society.
The one with a neat looking uniform and a military like appearance is Mithu while Jeetu is the unkempt fellow often wearing a dirty looking cloth around his head.
Mithu rooted to his seat as ever!
Jeetu in his WInter Attire
Appearances are indeed deceptive.

One comes across all  kinds of characters in the Corporate world, but the likes of Mithu are fast becoming extinct and rightly so,  with service and engagement levels ruling the roost in the ways in which companies function.

To me the difference between Jeetu and Mithu can be summarised as the difference between existing as a watchman and playing the role of a watchman while living a life.

Till next time then and have a great Sunday Evening.

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