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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Smile Stories

Tough times
  • Smiling when its toughest reaps the richest rewards:)
  • A smile keeps you connected with both the inside and the outside world :) 
Curvy beauty
  • The curve that beautifies: A Smile :) 
Say it with a smile
  • A smile is the best punctuation mark in a conversation.:)
Who you are
  • People can see through an artificial smile and see YOU through a genuine one :)
  • A smile is a nice pep up:) 
  • A smile is a sign of self confidence:)
Conveying the message
  • A smile conveys much more than words can ever convey:)
An infection worth spreading
  • Smile and spread the infection of happiness:)

           ......Keep Smiling :)

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