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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blah Blah Blah....

Yesterday was a "fun"ny day,... We had a meeting of the team that is mooted to be running the organisation, an array of personalities, the combined experience of this team is 50 years, the difference in rank is tremendous, the energy in the team comes from the fact that it is composed of two  people below 30 and the wisdom from two individuals though differing greatly in designation, have a combined experience in vitro diagnostics of 40 years. My SBU is poised to take off and the year is all set to unfold although two months have already gone by. The transition from a private equity owned company to a part of a Multinational organization has been partially responsible for this delay. The other part being the inertia associated with getting things rolling. My load has been lightened with part of my responsibilities having been shared by my younger colleague, helping me bring in greater  focus to my job.
The pending issues will be rattled one by one and nothing can prevent a strong foray into the future (with the blessings of the almighty of course!)

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