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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team!

I had read this quote on a poster of one of my colleagues in an earlier organisation...In this context, how important is it for the leader to have a face to face interaction with his team on a regular basis and how important is it for the leader to be inspirational to his team members at every occasion? One thinks that at least during an interaction with the leader, the team member should feel inspired and more committed towards his work, more motivated to keep going at it and giving it one's best shot. Though it may sound hackneyed, Cliched or rather old fashioned to say that a leader must be a father figure to his subordinate the fact remains that he/she must be able to set an example, to be able to "Lead from the front". Working together on a project or during client interactions might serve as an important enabler towards this goal. Because ultimately that is where the income comes from,  the salaries comes from, the business keeps running especially when the team in question is responsible for running the business.

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