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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just like the olden days on Facebook...

Its strange how most of the people who like my status messages on Facebook happen to be school friends, people who were with me in the formative years of life, people whom I grew up with.

There are people with whom I interact with on a daily basis, people who have achieved a lot in their lives, just like my school friends, but the uncanny resemblance in the way we think happens only with this bunch of guys.

The latest example is "India against corruption."

Being an AOL ite, prompted by my Guru's (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) vision for India, I was following the activities of those who were leading this movement, but when this became a national issue, I could see many of my school chums voicing their opinions strongly in favor of Anna Hazare's fast and against corruption.on facebook.

Thank you facebook for bringing us back together. I hope the party never ends.Well each one of us is 40 plus but its like school kids laughing on each other's jokes, egging each other on, pulling a fast one or pulling each other's legs in general.

Virtual back slapping bonhomie and camaraderie, appreciating each other's achievements or even the children's', complimenting each other on the newly found hobbies and on attempts at keeping fit and healthy, none of us are getting any younger, remember!

The lucky ones do get to meet each other during the periodic Saturday Do's in suburban Mumbai and the rest savor the Snaps and the Stories. Yes some of us have started showing signs of wising up, a receding hair line , but the child within each one is still the same and will never change forever. I am sure of that.

We are blessed to have some of our teachers as well on Facebook and it is indeed a pleasure as it is because of them that we all have become what we have.

Viva "HFHS Classs Of 1984"

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