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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just some unanswered questions...who's worrying? not me...

I once heard our VP say that if you do not drive the business will drive you. The business world is moving at a very fast pace and the only place where Dinosaurs are appreciated is in a block buster movie directed by  Steven Spielberg..

Delhi's been my Karmbhoomi for more than half a decade and has its own way of throwing challenges at me, so much so that I wonder if something's wrong if a day doesn't seem challenging enough. So having returned from a week long official trip to Dehradun, I am left as of now with some unanswered questions. Worried? Who? Me? Naah.! :)

Passport police verification does it require the individual's presence at his place of residence? The ill fated day when the Policeman arrived for the verification, I was on  tour. For two days consecutively the policeman has said that he will come home for the verification but hasn't bothered to do so. Today is the third day when he would be here supposedly. What will be his reaction when I tell him that I follow this Guru and we AOLites do not pay any bribe?

When will my blackberry be finally up and going. Got the charging jack replaced, replaced the charger as well but now the scroll ball mechanism has gone awry. This means another visit to the repair shop. And after all the iterations when will I finally be able to utilize the Blackberry for the actual purpose of sending and recieving mails?

How much time will it take for me to get set for the month of April and Q2. When will I be able to get a grip on and resolve pending problems to move ahead from them.

In the midst of all this will I be able to actually sneak away for a couple of days combining it with the Good Friday holiday to spend time with my family.

As I juggle with these thoughts it is time to start off with the tasks for the day. Thank God Its Ram Navami today and a Holiday in the Northern parts of India, another of the festivals celebrated only in certain parts of the country. Am I proud to experience the diversity of the country. The learning keeps happening all the time! 

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