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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Farhaan" in real life.

We had a training session on new products recently for a group of sales people hand-picked from all zones.
I have been correcting the answer papers of trainees, we asked them questions on Products and  the principles on which they were based as well as key benefits.

The basic acumen one needs to have is to be good at selling, most of this bunch I could find did possess this ability. If the knowledge is imparted in a systematic fashion the person who is focused will lap it up so easily. This was seen in the huge difference in the pre-test and post test scores of this bunch of lads who were primarily interested in selling the product and the thrill to them came from that part of the job.

The matter of concern was the two gentlemen who already had reasonably decent scores in the pre-test, to the tune of 60% or so These two trainees showed an increase of hardly 20% in the Post test and this was a low percentage of improvement when compared with the others. The issue which concerned me more was that one of the respndents was not consistent in his answers, he was missing out important points which he had mentioned in the Pre-test.

This brings me to the point that I think it is very important for one to be doing work that one is passionate about or at least one should have an outlet wherein he is able to do things that he is passionate about so that he is able to do his job  and do it reasonably well with utmost sincerity such that he can earn his daily bread.

I had some time back made a discovery of sorts when I found that a pathologist from one of the biggest Diagnostic lab chains in the country was also an avid wildlife photographer. He reminded me of the character "Farhan" played by R Madhavan in 3 idiots...? I had read about this passion of his on the internet when I googled his name. While interacting with him I could actually see just how "cool" this MD holder was, with no airs about the prestigious post he was holding. I was able to see the glint in his eyes when I spoke of his passion for photography and the almost immediate change in body language with the boyish grin writ large on his face.

Coming back to my trainees, well best wishes to all of them and to these two lads in particular, I sincerely wish that they are able to make the all important adjustment and come emerge as winners in their respective lives!

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