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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's in a name?

A spanish Principal partner calls me Rataaan, the Israeli lady another principal partner  calls me Rataan, A GM with an aspirant principal partner who goes by the name Yang, has never spoken to me, we have only have a "ping" conversation on Skype, Ping conversation with Mr. Yang, sounds all Chinese.
Like Mr. Yang Lisheng, Mo Duo Ping never introduces himself by his original name but is addressed as "Tarek" Mo. Another Chinese individual, a lady with whom I interact often, is known by the name "Ella"( Ella's picture appears above). It intrigues me as to how the Chinese decide on these English names, I find this to be quite an innovative concept which helps them to gain acceptance with their international clients. Also how do they feel when they are never called by their actually name. Dean, Leo, Ella and also Justin, Diego and the like...nice choices for names I must say.
Coming back to the way that I am addressed, this is certainly not restricted to foreigners, Delhi-ites invariably spell my name as Rattan Sethi , and the contortions on my face are most conveniently ignored. Very often I hear the person on the other side of the phone line, very respectfully saying, kaun Sethiji bol rahe hain? Koi gal nahin...after all as the great Bard once said "After all What's in a name?"

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